At Nigel W Burton Grab Hire we supply a stunning selection of decorative aggregates for every setting, bagged or loose at wholesale prices. We can deliver directly into your front & back gardens by lifting over walls & fences where ever possible, saving both time and labour

Golden Gravel

Golden Gravel 10 mm & 20 mm –

This beautiful rounded gravel full of cream, brown and bronzed amber shades are ideal for driveways, ground coverage and landscaping purposes

Cotswold Gravel

Cotswold Gravel 20 mm –

This angular gravel is a true vintage throwback ranging from paisley creams to enriched caramel shades. This gravel enhances any ground level dressing, pathways and driveways with its traditional buff appearance

Blue Slate

Blue Slate 20 mm –

A naturally rugged stone which ranges from a pale blue in dry conditions to ocean deep shades when wet. Ideal for pathways, borders and driveways, guaranteed to complement any household project

First class service and products from Nigel and his wife Skye when ordering gold gravel from them. It was the cheapest gravel I could find online however it is the best quality in my opinion with little white shells in amongst it. I ordered 8 tons initially and delivery was prompt and took a couple of days. I needed an extra couple of tons later to go down the side of my drive and they again delivered promptly and took great care to place the gravel where I wanted it. I can’t recommend this company highly enough! Lovely people, great products and superb service.


Emma N